Best Home Made Lemoncello

Readers know and hear about my homemade Whiskey Sours and yes, they still are my favorite, but it got me thinking on what I can do with the left over lemon rinds.

Squeezed lemons

Then it hit me. Lemoncello!

Since I’m not having 10 to 12 lemons at a time, I did a test to see how well the rind would freeze.

Lemon Freeze Test

The lemon ends I did the test with froze perfectly. No discoloration, no nothing. So that gave me hope that they would keep over the course of a week while I made my Whiskey Sours.

So prior to squeezing the lemons, I would gently peel the rind and save it.

More yellow, less white
First batch after my test freeze

After I gathered up enough rinds, I made my lemoncello


10 – 12 lemons peeled – Just the rind

1.5 Liters of Grain Alcohol or Vodka

1.5 Liters of Spring Water

3.5 Cups of Sugar


Combine the lemon peel and alcohol in a jar/jug and let sit for three weeks (21 days). This will allow the lemon oils to infuse with the alcohol and the yellow color that we all know and love to intensify.

Once completed, add the sugar and water together and dissolve the sugar.

Once the sugar is dissolved, strain the lemon alcohol mix and add to the sugar water. Mix / stir thoroughly.


That is is. Simple and a great way to enjoy two great drinks.

I prefer to leave my lemoncello in the refrigerator and even freeze some to really chill it down (it won’t actually freeze, but may get “slushy” near the end of the bottle).


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