Backyard Curling

So we may not exactly be Olympic bound, but a few of us neighbors have been getting together and have found enjoyment in this unique cold weather sport. A sport most often thought of when thinking of Canada, than New Hampshire.

Yet here we are.

It’s a perfectly made (to suit our needs) course with 2 x 10″ boards making the outline, a liner to hold the water and PVC piping cut just right to act as bumpers going around the perimeter of the course.

With coffee in hand and brooms in the other – though the brooms did little more than make us look and feel good brushing the ice, but did little for actually helping the “stones” we were throwing.

Speaking of stones. These were made using two salad bowls, filled with cement, sealed together with foam. Then taped together with red or blue tape and a handle added on top. Quite ingenious to be honest. We had more fun that anyone could have expected. Cheering on the good throws and joking about the bad ones. Everyone standing over the bulls-eye trying to figure out the points, pouring more coffee and doing it again.

There was talk about making this a weekly event after work so coffee could be replaced with beer.

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