Apple Trees

I purchased a few apple trees from Gurneys this winter for delivery in the spring.  They came far far too early, I ended up potting them and storing them in my garage, and one of them is still a stick.  I call it my stick.  While the other two apple trees have budded and shown leaves and the cherry tree finally sprouted leaves, my gala apple tree is just a lowly stick.



The “Stick”


A few days ago I was perusing around my local large box store for some gardening supplies.  I look over in their plant section and what do I see?  Giant 10 to 12 foot apple trees!  For only $39 a tree!  Heck, I paid $37 for my stick!


So I walked out with two trees, a Gala and Fuji


You can see the tiny sticks in the background!  Ignore the walkway, I haven’t finished it yet.  Need to redo the brick pattern so it will match what will potentially be what we put in the front.

I’m keeping them in the pots for now until I get some work done out back (having an area graded so I can put a barn down back) and then I can plant them along my driveway that goes down back.

So the lesson today kids, shop around.  The professionals don’t always have the best stuff, or at least today they didn’t.



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