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America’s Cup – Bermuda

Recently got back from the America’s Cup in Bermuda.  What a great place to hold this event.  In case you’ve been away for a spell, here’s a spoiler alert… Oracle didn’t win.  Actually they lost soundly.  No fault of their own, they really busted their butts but Emirates just proved to be sailing far too perfectly to lose.  After a very rough start during the preliminaries for Emirates, they got the boat, the water, the crew, everything fine tuned.  So much so they hit the once thought nearly impossible goal of reaching 100% fly time.

Yes, 100% fly time during one of their races.  With that kind of perfection there is no catching them.

It will be interesting to see what the next America’s Cup brings for both rules and location.  I’d like to think the crowds at Bermuda proved that you can have a destination location and the people will come.

The first day we sat in the Gosling’s Rum Bar.  Great view, and really good food.  The next day during the finals, we sat in the grandstands slightly behind the announcers

Sitting in the Grandstands was very much worth it.  Goslings was fun, but the Grandstands were perfect.  Met some locals who we made friends with by holding each others seats off and on while we got up to get drinks.


Now onto the boats!

On Sunday we took the ferry out to the America’s Cup Village just as we did the other day, but today our Ferry Captain made a strange left hand turn and a heading we had not taken the day prior.  Odd we thought, but there was a lot of boat traffic and the Americas Cup boats were starting to head out so maybe it was a detour?

No.  We just had a great captain and brought us out directly onto the course so I could get a picture like this:

No need for me to use my zoom lens on that photo.  They were actually that close.  Will post more about the island another time, but I’ll end with this gratuitous shots taken by yours truly.

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