Sap collection is back on full as a winter storm that dumped 18″ of snow just passed and we’ve returned to 20 degree F nights and 40 degree F days.  Sap is running out of the trees at a quick pace.

Collected 25 gallons today and will collect again tomorrow at lunch.  I have enough already to boil for a couple of days.  Going to split up my concentrate so I’m not spending 7 hours boiling again.

I’m hoping this is the robust style syrup – aka Late Season Dark in my speak.  That’s honestly my favorite style of syrup.  I love the flavor profile of the dark syrup.

I’d boil today if the wind wasn’t so high, but I’m afraid that my lack of a shelter and these high winds today will just defeat much of my forward boiling progress and drag it out longer than I would like to be doing it.

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