Adventures of Carl

Quick update on the new dog… Carl.

He has been a very good, albeit rambunctious dog, or should I say puppy. Of course he is a 90 lb puppy, so sometimes you forget he is still young and still lacks basic coordination making him jump and go for a ball one laughable moment after another. His front feet have a tendency of moving quicker than his back on the turns. He’s getting better and more coordinated by the day and runs into things less and less now.

He loves his walks

Morning walk

And checking out the upcoming halloween displays the neighbors are putting out

What is this dad?

He has even been to the high school field hockey games to cheer on his big sister and visit with other dogs.

Me, Tom, Seth with Carl, Connor, and Nellie

Life has been good for Carl. While his ownership will definitely put a few snags into our future plans, they will just need to be adjusted. Having him has been wonderful for our daughter who missed her dogs that she grew up and only remembers being around all the time.

In all the years we have only adopted animals. Adopted pets make the best pets!

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