A Well Aged Arturo Fuente

We all have one of those cigars. One that is so special that you intend to keep it for that ideal location, but that special occasion never seems to come or if an occasion comes you grab a different cigar… You know, just in case a more special occasion comes along right?

So on your average Friday night, hanging out on the back deck by a fire, I decided to light up my 20+ year old Fuente cigar that has been sitting in my humidor so long that the wrapper has turned a sticky yellow color.

Still in the wrapper
Old vs new wrapper comparison
Aged so long, that it sparkles!

So with some trepidation, I cut the cigar and lit it.

The cigar is hard to describe.  It is extremely good.  A medium bodied to full cigar with enough nicotine in it to pack a wallop.  Since I am writing this as I am nearing the end of this Churchhill sized cigar I can safely say nicotine content is up there on this one.

Yet despite all of that, the cigar is so smooth that I found myself not even having a sip of my drink until I was at least halfway through it.

What did i drink?  Spring water of course.  No other drink would have paired well with this aged cigar, nor did I want the drink to take away from the smoothness and gentleness of this, what I would call, fine cigar.

The only lesson to be learned here is to learn to enjoy.  You don’t need to have a special occasion to open up that bottle of wine or have that expensive (or in my case: old) cigar.  A nice cool clear night with stars in the sky and a fire on the patio made for an immensely enjoyable evening.

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