A million people cut the cord in the last 3 months, and cable companies are worried

Thought this was a short article telling us what we already knew:

I was one of them.

Cheaper TV is good for the consumer. Sure the businesses will suffer, but they will need to transform. They’ve been living high on the hog for too long.

I recently moved over to DirecTVNow.  However they capitalize it…  and use Roku players and a mix of Apple TV players. 

The pricing starts at $40.00 a month.  Which is a bit more then when I started, I want to say it was only $35.00 so pricing has gone up, but also so hasn’t the features.  Since I started, they’ve now added all the local channels, a DVR service, and many more channels overall.  So for $40, you’re getting everything on Cable, but you can watch anywhere…  TV, Computer, iPad, etc.

It’s a huge savings over current cable plans, especially once you add up your extra fees on cable tv.  Fees for remotes, boxes (that you must have), fees for local sports (that I don’t watch), etc. 

I was not sad to see all of that go.

Now it does take a minute to get used to the new streaming service.  Buffering is real, so expect it to take a few seconds between switching channels.  Expect interruptions.  Rare, but it happens. 

BUT:  Expect the visual quality to be much much better!

There are some cheaper alternatives also, but they also mean less choices.  SlingTV has a lot to offer for only $25 a month.

Hulu is another service (that I personally didn’t care for years ago, so haven’t given them a second chance), which offers movies, shows, and now live TV.  They’re also backed by AT&T – who are minority owners and also own Directvnow.  Looks like Hulu is also $40 a month.

No matter which provider or plan you choose, now is the best time to cut cable and get rid of all the high fees.

Little addendum on Roku. 

Roku has a built in movie app and you can watch a streaming service called Pluto.  Now Pluto is truly free TV and has a lot of shows, movies, etc that cost absolutely nothing.  So if you want to go the truly free route, go buy yourself a simple roku player for $25 to $35 and do nothing else except plug it into your TV, download the app, and enjoy.

Yes the channels are different, but the entertainment is mostly the same.  There is a food channel, multiple movie channels, news channels, etc. 

So if you’re not tied down to needing a particular channel or show, this is a great and cheap alternative.

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