2021 Maple Tapping Season is Here!

This past Sunday – February 20th – I put in my 50 taps to prepare for maple syrup season. Even got a few drops of sap in the buckets while doing so! The weather this week is looking to be perfect: Above freezing days and below freezing nights. I’m hoping to have enough sap by mid week to try out the new reverse osmosis.

Sap buckets aka Sap Traps!

I have the odd habit of calling my sap buckets, sap traps. No idea why? It rhymes and makes me smile I suppose.

Maple Trees

I’ve been thinking of adding 15 to 25 more taps this season. If the reverse osmosis works as well as advertised, I would be well advised in adding a few more taps. It slightly goes against what I wanted when I started by keeping it to 50 and getting the most production out of those 50.

It’s why I stopped at 50.

I don’t know. Internal struggles and all.

Sap buckets hung, just need lids

I did everything in a three step process. First I drilled and added the taps, after I tapped all 50, I hung the buckets. After all 50 buckets were up, I then added the lids.

Probably highly inefficient since I travelled so much ground to do all those steps, but I wasn’t going to carry all the weight on my back pack. Needed a sled for it.

Made some modifications to the burner and will document those in another post. Here’s the hoping for a good season. Hopefully the sugar content of the sap will be high!

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