Monthly Archives June 2019

After paying off the houses and contacting the insurance companies to get the bank taken off the binder, I was wondering about the next steps. I called and increased the umbrella insurance policy but that may need to be revisited. Other than that, the next thing that came to mind was the emergency fund. I'm a huge proponent of having $1000 in cash at home. That the true emergency money. I live in an area where ice storms have taken out power for a week. No ATMs, no internet connection, etc. Having cash was the only way to do transactions and if you didn't have cash prior to the event, you were going to have a tough time getting it…

It high time I get back into shape. I have a good workout program, but wanted to add along something to keep it interesting. Queue me remembering all of those Crossfit WODs (workout of the day). Great! I'll go to and see what today's WOD is and get greeted by this: Of course today is a rest day! So the day I decide to workout, I find out is a rest day. Am I good, or am I good!? Time to work on plan B