Maple Syrup Production

2019 Maple Syrup Season has Begun!

I’m running my newly converted and membrane updated reverse osmosis as we speak!

I put out 50 buckets this year! I’m quickly leaning that 50 might have been a mistake. That’s about 10 too many for me to go get and gather. The RO takes that much longer, etc, etc.

Sap dripping from the tree

I see from last year’s log the season started 10 days earlier. It’s much colder this season. Heck, it just snowed today.

With my 50 taps I received 40 to 45 gallons of sap the first warm and and another 25 gallons of sap the next.

While waiting on new filters for my RO, all my sap froze solid.

Yeah, it’s been challenging to say the least.

6.5% sugar!

But look at my sugar content after the RO! Well worth the trouble.

This year the sap is running at 2.5% sugar so far, after the RO, it’s 6.5%

That’s the difference of needing to boil 34 gallons, versus only boiling 13 gallons. That’s a huge savings in fuel and my time.

I’ve been updating the log, which may be found here:

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