Maple Syrup Production

2018 Maple Sugaring Season is Complete

… at least for me it is!  I’ve officially run out of bottles and I’m tired of spending all weekend and many nights boiling.  Right now my largest bottle neck is the speed in which I can boil – and at 2 GPH isn’t very fast.


In the end I made roughly 6 gallons of Maple Syrup, already giving many pints away, I find myself with 19 Pins and 38 Half Pints and a few jars of Maple Sugar!

I posted a bit more detailed information on the yearly production log:

Here is a photo from last night’s final boil and haul

As you can see, there are some new custom labels also!


Custom done and purchased from the Etsy site Canning Crafts.  They’re perfect for what I need.

So in the end I processed roughly 250 gallons of sap.  All of it was processed through my home made Reverse Osmosis system, which gave me over 140 gallons of water I did NOT have to boil off with my mini pan.  That saved me 70 hours of boiling time.  I still boiled for 55 total hours over this past month.

The season lasted well over a month and will continue for the next two weeks.  But I’m done and have had enough.  I have more than enough to give as Christmas presents as part of a nice homemade type basket of goodies.

Most of the rest have already been spoken for by friends (who wish to purchase some).

I have tapped a couple of Birch trees and will keep an eye on the first run.  Otherwise, it’s on to other things!

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